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"I had attended my family's church for over 20 years. I didn't know what I was missing until I visited Harvest of Hope. Their Bible teaching has made my relationship with God real and the congregation is so loving. I have a whole new family now.
~ New Member of Harvest of Hope

At Harvest of Hope,
We Do Three Things!

Teach The 

We teach God's full and complete Word and believe that by strengthening your relationship with God, every area of your life should grow.

At Harvest of Hope we desire that your entire family has the tools to flourish biblically, relationally, financially, and more. Therefore we teach in each of these areas.


Life is so hard for so many of us. Whether it's financially, relationally, or understanding God's role in the dark world we live in.

We aspire to be a light in a dark world. By living in alignment with God's Word, we strive to be an example that points the world to God.


The Word doesn't matter if we don't know how to apply it. Therefore we focus on the APPLICATION OF THE WORD. Applying the Word means how does what is written in the Bible apply in our everyday life. By approaching teaching in this manner we Live on purpose and walk more closely with God. 


Reverend James Allen

Pastor James Allen is the senior pastor and founder of Harvest of Hope Christian Center. After serving in North Carolina for years, Pastor Allen was called to serve his hometown of Canton back in  2019. Since arriving, his mission has been to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things by making them disciples for Christ. 

Pastor and First Lady Allen invite you on this journey with us as we teach the Word, inspire hope, and live on purpose!

Meet Our Senior Pastor

Which Service Best Fits You?

At Harvest of Hope we have teachers and services that match everyone's worship and learning style. Which one would you like to attend?

"We are Teaching the Word, Inspiring Hope,

& Living On Purpose!


11am Sunday Service

Rev. James Allen

Our 11am service is roughly 60 - 90 minutes and includes praise, worship, and a dynamic word from our senior pastor Rev. James Allen. If you cannot make our 11am worship service, catch us on Facebook live and Youtube!


Biblical Principles

Min. Vernon Brown

Our 6:30am Thursday morning Biblical Principles for life Live Stream is a 30 minute program that is focused on making the Bible simple and breaking it down into principles. This program is streamed on our facebook page and available on WMPR radio


Tuesday Night Bible Study

Rev. James Allen

Our 7pm Tuesday night service is 60 minutes of diving into the theology and details of the Word. This service invites you to bring your questions so you can grow your knowledge of the Bible and grow stronger in Christ.

10am Sunday School

Min. Vernon Brown

Our 10am Sunday morning school is 30 - 45 minutes of teaching before  our 11am Sumday morning service. This interactive teaching aims to answer your questions and help you understand what God is doing in your life. 

Our Mission

The mission of Harvest of Hope Christian Center is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things by making them disciples for Christ. To accept this mandate of Jesus Christ it shall be with one purpose of this local church to:

  1. Earnestly seek and promote the unity of God's people in the scriptural manner of Godly love, respect, and faithful voluntary cooperation with liberty.

  2. Provide and maintain a spiritual environment whereby the needs of the Christian family can be developed and met with sound biblical teachings of the holy bible.

  3. Prepare the men to be godly men, husbands, and fathers as created by God to be the head of the family.

  4. Promote the virtue of all women and teach and train them the values of godly women

  5. Provide and promote the education, training, and preparation of the children to become Christian adults and contributing members of our communities.


In all of our endeavors, we shall promote the sovereignty of God in all areas of our lives.

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